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How to make blackberry syrup

This is how it's done:

End result:

250ml of delicious blackberry syrup that will keep for over 4 weeks if stored in a cool place.





A fire

A saucepan

Blackberry syrup recipe:

1. Weigh 50 grams of blackberries.

2. Place the blackberries in a pan.

3. Add 150 millilitres of water and 150 grams of sugar to the pan.

4. Place the pan on a fire and bring everything to a boil, while stirring.

5. Turn the heat down when the mixture starts to bubble.

6. Leave to simmer for 2 minutes on a low heat and then remove from the heat.

7. Leave everything to cool for an hour.

8. Pour the syrup through a kitchen sieve into a bottle.


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