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Hi! I'm Ruben Bentvelzen and I'm the proud owner of Bentvelzen Bartending and

De Cocktail Consultant.

My love for cocktails has grown over the years since 2016 (when I first learned to make them in New York). It started out as messing around at home and coming up with new recipes, but quickly developed into a passion.


So in 2018, I quit my job as a business economist to pursue this passion. From then on, I went on a spree, gaining experience everywhere and nowhere: from an impromptu cocktail corner at a dingy hostel bar in Cape Town, through five-star hotels, beach bars and clubs to full-time at a high end cocktail bar in Melbourne.


In 2020 I came back to the Netherlands and started this business. Cocktail Workshops; Customised Cocktail Menus; Hospitality Training; Creating Unique Cocktails; Brand Activations. I find it all awesome to do, and  every day I enjoy the combination of culinarity and freedom. 


I've always loved the hospitality industry. I love the liveliness among the guests, I get excited by the collegiality and banter between the bartenders, kitchen and runners, and I find the art of service an intriguing concept. Sometimes a crew has one of those evenings where everything seems to work by itself and the atmosphere just can't be better. As a guest, it is often euphoric to witness this, but for the colleagues themselves it truly feels like magic!

You won't find a similair working atmosphere in any other industry.


As I love the hospitality industry for the service mindset, I love the cocktails for their art and creativity. To stand over a cocktail in full concentration to place that sprig of rosemary precisely diagonally across the glass. To make cocktails at high speed during rush hour in the bar, where every - and I do mean every - step counts. To learn about the history of rum, cocktail families and esters. And of course to experiment with new techniques like Lace Tuiles, Dalgona Foam, Fatwashing and Rapid Infusions. Love it.


I enjoy working and collaborating with others, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me!



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