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FEATURED: Don Papa Rum

Don Papa is a rum from the Philippines and it is made on an island called Negros. In the middle of that Island -at the foot of the active volcano Mount Kanlaon- there is very fertile soil. And that is where Don Papa's sugar cane grows.

Sugar cane is crushed and pressed to make sugar, but also molasses! In other words, black gold. This brown, syrupy stuff is fermented to make alcohol and then distilled to increase the alcohol content.

The rum is then aged in old American oak barrels in the province of Negros Occidental, or as they call it there: Sugarlandia. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

But Don Papa's history is far from a lovely fairy tale. The legend was born during the Philippine Revolution. From 1896 to 1898, the Filipinos fought and expelled the Spanish colonists. One of the heroes in this revolution was: Papa Isio. Before leading his countrymen, he was a foreman on a sugar cane plantation. On Negros, he is known as Revolutionary and Shaman. Don Papa Rum is inspired by this hero.

Don Papa Baroko

40% Alcohol

Nose: Vanilla, Citrus & Oak.

Flavour: Vanilla, Honey, Candied Tropical fruits.

Finish: Long and extended with toasted Oak & Dates.

Don Papa 7

40% Alcohol

A rum that's 7 years aged in oak charred barrels that previously held Bourbon and Rioja.

Nose: Light oak, Citrus & Tropical Fruit.

Flavour: Tropical fruits, Vanilla & Toffee.

Finish: Soft and long with oak and buttery notes.

Don Papa 10

43% Alcohol

This is the Don Papa 7, which has matured 3 more years in barrels that have been re-charred.

Nose: Raisins, Clove, Cinnamon & Vanilla.

Flavour: Molasses, Mango, Cocoa.

Finish: Creamy with an oaky aftertaste.

Don Papa Sherry Cask

45% Alcohol

This sherry finish is simply formidable. This rum is first aged for 3 years in ex-american oak casks, before being finished for another 2.5 years in no less than four different types of Sherry casks. These cask results are blended together to create this beautiful, red rum.

Nose: Dry, Nutty, Red Fruit.

Flavour: Raisins & Peppers, Licorice & Cinnamon.

Finish: Very complex and long with notes of sweet sherry, ending in toasty oak.

Don Papa Rye Cask

45% Alcohol

This rum is aged for four years in Rye cask, so you can imagine beautiful and 'rough' flavours coming out of this barrel.

Nose: Oak, Vanilla & Black peppers.

Flavour: Complex, Asian Spices & Melted Butter.

Finish: Peppers with another complex, dry, nutty flavour that culminates in the need to sip another quickly.

Do you want to taste these Don Papa rums? Check out my rum tasting!



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