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FEATURED: DaVinci Gourmet


As you know, it's often the little things in life that truly matter. It's the same with cocktails. The difference between a good cocktail and a great cocktail, are the small details.

For example:

- How firmly and how quickly/slowly the juice is squeezed from a lemon affects the acidity and bitterness of the juice.

- Whether you crush or beat a mint leaf makes a world of difference in the volatile compounds released from the pores of the mint leaf: bitter or fresh.

- How long and how fast a cocktail is stirred has (in addition to the temperature, of course) a great influence on the dilution percentage.

- The harder and faster a cocktail with protein molecules (such as egg white or aquafaba) or espresso is shaken, the better the foam layer.

I am a great believer in making and using your own syrups and purées, because they simply taste the best. And if you use them within a few days, you don't have to worry about the sugar content (for shelf life) or the storage method (for long-term quality and consistency).

However, due to the increasing popularity of cocktails, it is happening more and more often in the hospitality industry that the demand for cocktails is many times larger than the capacity behind the bar.

If a catering establishment with a large terrace has cocktails on its menu, it can hire two extra backbars in the summer who are only occupied with the batching of syrups and mash.

Or the bartenders stand around every evening during rush hour making syrups and purees in a hurry, while the receipts pile up. A shame.

That is why I am a fan of the premium line of fruit purees (Strawberry, White Peach, Passionfruit, Mango & Raspberry) and juices (Lime & Lemon) from DaVinci Gourmet. You are giving up a minuscule difference in quality for a lot of time.

The packaging scores an easy 10/10 in ease of use and storage: They come in boxes of 4x 1L cardboard 'milk cartons' and do NOT need to be stored frozen.

DaVinci pasteurises their purees and sterilises all their packaging. After opening a pack you can keep it in the fridge for another 8 days.

Yep. 2 weekends with 1 pack!

The quality of the puree itself scores a 9/10 in my book. Of course you can taste the 'astringent' qualities of the puree a bit if you drink it pure. But then again, who orders pure puree? Nobody.

When used in a cocktail, 99% of the consumer does not taste the difference between home-made purees and those of DaVinci Gourmet. And the reaction of the 1% is always along the lines of: "Different, but very good".

DaVinci uses fruit of really good quality. Often better than you can buy at the Dutch supermarket or greengrocers.

Limes are sourced from Brazil and Mexico. The lime varieties used

are Persian and Tahiti. These varieties give a balance of acidity and

bitterness, which is perfect for cocktails.

Ingredients: 100% Lime juice

The lemon juice comes from Sicily. This specific terroir is well

known for its rich volcanic soils, and superb sunny climate. These

factors combined, make it perfect for growing the best lemons. The

Feminello variety of lemon is used, which is known for its juicy flesh,

and its skin loaded with intense aromatic oils.

Ingredients: 90% Lemon juice, 10% sugar

The passion fruit is sourced from 2 different areas of Ecuador and

Peru. The Passiflora Edulis is used. This has a lovely yellow orange

colour, and a tart flavour profile, which gives a nice floral release on

the finish.

Ingredients: 90% Fruit, 10% sugar

Different strawberry varieties from two different regions: Eastern

Europe and the Mediterranean. Blending these guarantees a

consistent taste, aroma, and colour profile. The Senga Sangana

brings a deep red colour and is sweet with strong flavour, combined

with the Camarosa, makes the perfect cocktail puree.

Ingredients: 90% Fruit, 10% sugar

Mangos are used from the south of India, which is well known for its

sunlight and fertile soil. The varieties are Alphonso and Totapuri.

The Alphonso has a strong piney flavour, and creamy texture. The

Totapuri balances this, as it is delicate and rich, with a slightly sour

flavour profile.

Ingredients: 90% Fruit, 10% sugar

Two different raspberry varieties are blended, from two different

regions: Eastern Europe (Willamette) and Chile (Heritage). The

Heritage raspberry has a subtle taste, which is close to the wild

raspberry. The Williamette raspberry has a slightly tart taste, due to

a lower sugar content and a pulpy texture, which gives great body.

Ingredients: 90% Fruit, 10% sugar

The white peach is locally sourced from the Vallée du Rhône in

France. All the harvests are supervised with the suppliers through a

strict selection policy, to ensure only the best fruit is used.

Ingredients: 90% Fruit, 10% sugar

Curious which cocktails you can make with Davinci's Purees? Send me a message, and i'll send you some perfect serves!



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