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Make your own delicious cocktails with your own, private group! Minimal group size: 6 persons.

During this cocktail workshop, you and your friends will make and enjoy two, three or four cocktails each

(prices are: €24,99; €34,99 or €44,99 per person).

After a short introduction, we'll start shaking and stirring right away! When we're done shaking things up, I'll introduce you to the wonderful world of cocktails and bartending, while you sip on your delicious, self-made drinks.

After this course, you'll know everything about alcohol, liquors, liqueurs and when to apply which cocktail-making method!

​Interested in booking a cocktail workshop for your bachelor party, company outing or just because you can?

*This cocktail workshop is available on Saturdays and Sundays at Grand Café Siezo in The Hague (exclusively opened for us)

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Locatie: Den Haag (Grand Café Siezo)


Data Tweedaagse Cocktail Cursus: 

  • Maandag 27 & Dinsdag 28 December 2021

  • Zaterdag 29 & Zondag 30 Januari 2022

  • Maandag 28 Februari & Dinsdag 29 Maart 2022

  • Zaterdag 26 & Zondag 27 Maart 2022.

Tijdschema's: Alle cursusdagen duren van 10.00 tot 17.30 uur.

Schikt bovenstaande data jou niet?

Laat ons weten wanneer jou uitkomt, dan bedenken we samen een oplossing!

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